How To Buy Bitcoin

How To Buy Bitcoin

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Purchasing bitcoin and cryptocurrency is easy. Buyers have lots of options when it comes to the type of cryptocurrency they can own. As you consider the types of crypto you want to buy, you should also know that there are plenty of options for payment methods.

As crypto becomes more mainstream, your options for buying and selling bitcoin have grown. In this article, learn about buying bitcoin online and buying bitcoin at ATMs. You will also learn about payment options and the various types of bitcoin debit cards. If you are interested in purchasing digital assets, consider all of your buying options.

How To Buy Bitcoin Online
If you are buying bitcoin online, you need to start by selecting an exchange platform. An exchange platform is a digital service that allows buyers to find sellers. The exchange platform makes the exchange of dollars for crypto possible.

You will also need a digital wallet to store your crypto. This digital wallet operates as an address to send and receive your coins.

When buying crypto online, you can pay with a debit card or credit card. Below is a summary of how the two options work.

How To Buy Bitcoin With A Debit Card Online
You can buy bitcoin online with a debit card. Some exchange platforms require users to fund their accounts before they are able to buy cryptocurrency. Many others allow instant purchases with a debit card instead of waiting for bank transfers to complete. You can use your debit card to fund your exchange or make an instant purchase. Exchange platforms may charge fees for transactions paid for instantly with your debit card.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Online
You can also buy bitcoin online with a credit card, so long as the exchange platform approves credit card usage and your credit card company allows bitcoin transactions. Research whether your credit card company allows bitcoin purchases and be sure to find out if there are service fees for crypto purchases. If service fees are high, using a credit card to buy bitcoin online can become very expensive.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Mastercard
If you are buying bitcoin with a Mastercard debit or credit card, you will need to fund the exchange platform and you may need to pay purchase fees depending on your location. Many platforms accept Mastercard as a form of payment but always do your research when selecting digital wallets and exchange platforms.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Cash
If you want to buy bitcoin with cash, you can use a bitcoin ATM or find a local seller to make a peer-to-peer transaction. You should know that using an ATM is the most convenient way to buy bitcoin with cash.

How To Buy Bitcoin At An ATM
To buy bitcoin at a bitcoin ATM, you do not even need a credit card. Using a RockItCoin ATM, all transactions are cash-based. To start, find a bitcoin ATM near you. You should know that in order to buy bitcoin, you need a digital wallet so the coins you purchase have a destination. Find a wallet that supports the type of crypto you want to purchase and set up an account. Your digital wallet stores your address, where you can send and receive crypto. If you use a RockItCoin digital wallet, you will need to remember your pin, so you can verify your identity when making transactions at a RockItCoin bitcoin ATM.

When you get to the bitcoin ATM, you will select the type of transaction you want to make (with options to “buy” or “sell”). Once the machine knows you would like to buy coins, you will be prompted to select the amount of money you want to spend. If you are using a RockItCoin ATM, you must make a minimum purchase of $10. When using a RockItCoin ATM, the next step will be to verify your identity by inputting your phone number and/or personal PIN. Then you will select the type of cryptocurrency you want to buy, and enter your address so the coins are properly sent to your digital wallet. The ATM will confirm your address on the screen before sending the coins off to their destination. Once the destination is confirmed, you will insert cash, complete the transaction, and take your receipt.

You should know that the coins you purchase may not show up in your digital wallet right away. Because cryptocurrencies are a decentralized form of banking, the transaction needs time to process before being confirmed. This may take ten minutes to an hour.

How To Buy Crypto With Cash At An ATM
Buying crypto with cash at an ATM is an option for crypto buyers who prefer to avoid card fees that online platforms may require. Using an ATM is the more convenient option for cash users. Most crypto ATMs accept cash for crypto transactions and all RockItCoin ATMS are cash-based.

How To Buy Crypto With A Credit Card At An ATM
Typically, bitcoin ATMs do not accept credit cards. All RockItCoin ATMs are cash-based. If you want to purchase bitcoin with a credit card, you will need to do so online with a card that allows crypto transactions. RockItCoin offers online purchases with credit cards and debit cards. Visa and Mastercard are acceptable for RockItCoin’s online buyers, but ATM users are required to use cash.

How To Buy Crypto With A Debit Card At An ATM
Some bitcoin ATMs accept both cash and debit cards for crypto transactions. If you want to use a debit card at a bitcoin ATM, you will need to locate a crypto ATM near you that specifically allows debit card usage. The majority of bitcoin ATMs are cash-based. If you want to buy bitcoin at most bitcoin ATMs, you can withdraw cash from a standard bank ATM, then use that cash for cash-to-bitcoin transactions.

If you are looking for a secure and reliable option for purchasing bitcoin online or through a bitcoin ATM, then RockItCoin is a great choice for you. If you want to buy bitcoin online you should know that RockItCoin offers best-in-class customer support, an easy verification process, low fees, and speedy transactions. Rockitcoin’s online services allow users to buy many different types of crypto.

If you want to buy bitcoin using cash, you can find a RockItCoin ATM near you. With over 1,800 locations across the United States, RockItCoin ATMs are more accessible than ever. To buy crypto at a RockItCoin ATM, all you need is your phone number. Our ATMs are secure and sell various types of crypto including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more.