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RockItCoin Basics

How to Use RockItCoin Go

On the “Buy” page in the RockItCoin App, choose “Buy at over 16,000 retail locations”. Read through the quick guide of how RockItCoin Go works to familiarize yourself with the process. Then, select “Get Started”. If this is your first time using RockItCoin Go, you will need to complete a short ID verification process. Don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes! After you’ve successfully completed the ID verification process, you’ll be prompted to enter the amount of cash you wish to fund your wallet with. Then, select “Fund my crypto purchase” and your request for crypto will be confirmed. Next, tap “Load funds” to find a nearby retail location. Use the locator map to find a nearby retail location,…Read more

How to Receive Cryptocurrency on the RockItCoin App

Receiving cryptocurrency on the RockItCoin application is as simple as finding your Receiving Wallet Address.  This is both a QR code and a Receiving Wallet Address shown as a long string of letters and numbers, and both can be used to receive funds. Step 1: Select “Receive” First, from your wallets screen, we select the blue “Receive” option below the “Total balance” section. Step 2: Select Your Wallet After selecting “Receive” you will be greeted with a new, mostly blank, screen; At the top of this new screen there is a section, picked out in red below, that asks “Receive to wallet,” literally asking which wallet you would like to receive currency in to.  This is as simple as selecting…Read more

How to Send Cryptocurrency in the RockItCoin App

Step 1: Select “Send” Once you have your wallet funded, you can send to any other wallet you’d like directly from the application.  The first step to sending your cryptocurrency is selecting the bright orange “send” button located beneath the “Total balance” section of your Wallet’s page as shown below. STEP 2: Select the sending wallet After hitting send, it will ask which wallet you would like to send from.  This will be selecting the individual wallet with your funds in it from the app.  Hitting the “Select your wallet” dropdown, as shown below, will give you a list of your wallets held on this application, as well as the total funds held in each. STEP 3: Enter in the…Read more

How to Sweep a Paper Wallet on the RockItCoin App

Paper wallets are temporary wallets you can fund at the ATM itself.  These are printed on receipt paper and are a temporary place for your cryptocurrency before you can sweep it to your RockItCoin digital app. STEP 1: Open your Dropdown Menu From your wallets page, found by selecting “Wallets” along the bottom, you will see three horizontal lines in the top-right hand corner, indicated in red below.  Select these lines to open your Dropdown Menu. STEP 2: Select “Sweep Paper Wallet” From your open Dropdown Menu, select the “Sweep paper wallet” option, indicated in red below. STEP 3: Select the Receiving Wallet After selecting “Sweep paper wallet” you will be taken to the page shown below.  This page is…Read more

How Do I Make a Paper Bitcoin Wallet?

When purchasing crypto from one of our kiosks, you will need to provide a wallet that is yours and under your full control. If you don’t already have a digital wallet downloaded on your phone by the time you make your transaction, you can create a Paper Wallet. A Paper Wallet is essentially two QR codes (a public and private key) which are printed on receipt paper at the kiosk. This is meant as a temporary placeholder of your funds, until you can import them using your RockItCoin app. How to Create a Paper Bitcoin Wallet with a Bitcoin ATM Disclaimer: At this time our ATMs do not support Ethereum Paper Wallets, but you can still purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, and…Read more

Is RockItCoin Safe?

Yes. RockItCoin is The most trusted name in Bitcoin ATM™. We go to great lengths to protect the privacy of our users and to make sure every transaction settles quickly and accurately. About RockItCoin Based out of Chicago, IL, we have over 1,900 Bitcoin ATM locations in cities across the United States. Each of our kiosks allows you to buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with cash, and we take pride in delivering cryptocurrency to our customers’ wallets as quickly as possible. Select RockItCoin ATMs also allow you to sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for cash. This makes our machines one of the fastest ways to turn crypto into cash or vice versa. Visit https://www.rockitcoin.com/locations…Read more

How to Buy Bitcoin Using a RockItCoin ATM

Buying Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash at a RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM is easy. We’ll walk you through this process in the steps below. Note: It’s always best to have a Bitcoin wallet set up before you first visit a RockItCoin ATM. Click here to download the RockItCoin app. Step 1: Find and Visit a Local RockItCoin ATM. With 1,900+ RockItCoin ATMs around the country, there’s sure to be a RockItCoin ATM close by. Check our locations page to find one near you! Step 2: Select “Buy Coins” and choose the amount you plan to purchase. For this example, we chose the second tier. You can buy as little as $10 and as much as $15,000 worth of crypto from our…Read more

How to Sell Bitcoin Using a RockItCoin ATM

When you select “Withdraw Cash” from a RockItCoin ATM what you are really doing is selling your cryptocurrency to the kiosk for cash. We’ll walk you through this process in the steps below. Step 1: Find and Visit a Local RockItCoin ATM With 1,900+ RockItCoin ATMs around the country, there’s sure to be a RockItCoin ATM close by. Check our locations page to find one near you! Pro Tip: When it comes to selling, make sure the kiosk that you are looking for is a 2-way location! Buy-only machines are not able to withdraw cash. Step 2: Select “Withdraw Cash” and choose the amount you plan to sell. You can sell as little as $20 and as much as $15,000…Read more

How To Setup Your RockItCoin Wallet

Setting up your RockItCoin wallet is easy, just follow these simple steps. Step 1: Download the app. Step 2: Create your account by clicking “create an account” on your screen. Then create a username. Step 3: Create a secure password that is 10 characters long with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase, and one number. Be sure to choose something you will remember as we cannot help you recover a lost password. Step 4: Choose a 4-digit pin that is secure and that you will be able to remember. Your basic setup is now complete and you can head to your nearest RockItCoin ATM location to buy cryptocurrency. Visit our site https://www.rockitcoin.com/ to find the location nearest you!  

What Is a Bitcoin Paper Wallet and How Do I Use One?

Bitcoin Wallet Basics Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, is a digital currency, meaning you can never hold a Bitcoin in your hand. Instead, you store cryptocurrency in one of two basic types of wallets: software wallets and hardware wallets. Software wallets include web or mobile wallets, such as the RockItCoin mobile app, while a hardware wallet is a physical device that secures access to your cryptos offline, like a USB or a Paper Wallet. Whether it’s a software or a hardware wallet, every Bitcoin wallet has a Public Key and a Private Key. The Public Key, also known as your wallet address, is used to receive cryptocurrency. When you purchase crypto, the Public Key is what is presented at the time of…Read more

How To Host A RockItCoin ATM In Your Business

A great way to earn some extra income in your business is to host a RockItCoin ATM Why host a RockItCoin ATM? RockItCoin provides generous compensation monthly once the ATM is installed.  The ATM only takes up roughly 18″ x 23″ inches.  Boosts exposure and foot traffic within your store. Enhances community adaption and interest in cryptocurrency. Increases accessibility to cryptocurrency and presents the opportunity for the hosting store to begin accepting cryptocurrency. Ideal Hosts: A business that has a lot of foot traffic and long hours, like a 24/7 gas station for example. Zero risk, all reward. Contact RockItCoin today or visit our host page to learn more!

Bitcoin Scams: 7 of the Most Common Cryptocurrency Scams

The safety of our customers is our top priority.  We take additional measures to not only understand trends within scams and illicit activity, but bring them to your attention over the phone, at the machine, and through our social media channels. It’s always important to remember to use your own wallet (as specified in RockItCoin Terms of Service), and understand that transactions are final and non-reversible.  If somebody else provides you with a wallet to use, they will have complete access and control over the crypto you acquired. A scammer may pressure you to send funds using a wallet they provided, leaving you with an irreversible transaction and lost money.  We highly recommend that customers review the scams below to learn the…Read more

Tips, Advice, and Things To Look Out For

Throughout the sections of the FAQ, we provide answers and solutions to commonly encountered questions when using our machines. Here are some Tips and Advice to take note of before you get started: What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is not a company and we do not work for it. Just like the internet, Bitcoin is not owned by anyone nor is anyone in charge of it. It is an open-sourced technology used to send value ($) digitally around the globe. We are not in charge of your Bitcoin! Once we send Bitcoin to the wallet provided at the ATM, there is no way for us to recover the Bitcoin. We provide the point of sale for Bitcoin and have absolutely no…Read more

Where is my Bitcoin?

Bitcoin transactions are recognized by the Blockchain and soon after are “Confirmed.”  Confirmation time is dependent on the activity of the Bitcoin network and many transactions are processed right away. The more transactions that take place, however, the longer it can take for a transaction to confirm. Unfortunately, RockItCoin cannot control how long your Bitcoin takes to confirm.To find out exactly where your Bitcoin is right now, you can copy your wallet address and paste it into the search box found at the top of the link: https://www.blockchain.com. If you need assistance locating your wallet address on your RockItCoin app , click here. Blockchain is a block explorer that can track the activity of a wallet, similar to a public…Read more

How to set up Password Recovery in the RockItCoin App

Setting up password recovery in the RockItCoin app allows you to recover your account, even if you’ve lost or forgotten your password. Here are the steps: Step 1: Open up the RockItCoin app and log in. You’ll be presented with the default Wallets screen. Select the menu icon in the top right corner and select your wallet settings. Once there select “Set up password recovery”. Step 2: Confirm your password. Step 3: Select your security questions. Step 4: Confirm your security answers. Step 5: Confirm & Share Pro Tip: You can save a photo or send yourself your recovery questions just in case you lose them in the future. It is highly recommended that you do not share your wallet…Read more

What are your fees for OTC transactions?

RockItCoin’s crypto OTC trading services are competitively priced to provide our customers a fast, efficient, and cost effective way to obtain larger amounts of cryptocurrency in a single transaction. We offer a variable rates priced as a commission on the entire transaction. The rates are agreed to in advance and are dependent on the transaction size or frequency of the customer. Preferential pricing may be offered to clients seeking to trade assets equivalent to $50,000 USD or greater, and to those who perform multiple transactions using our crypto OTC services. Reach out to our customer service team to request an OTC consultation. The OTC manager assigned to you will walk you through our rate structure and determine what rate is applicable for…Read more

How can I get started with crypto OTC trading?

At RockItCoin, we offer our customers the ability to purchase larger quantities of cryptocurrency via our Over-the-Counter (OTC) trade desk. Begin by reaching out to our customer service team and we’ll assign a dedicated OTC team member to be your point-person, your go-to for every aspect of your trade.  In the first phase of our process, we will walk you through the customer orientation process and answer any questions you have along the way. You will then be asked to complete the onboarding documentation, which is required of customers who intend to take advantage of our OTC trade. Finally, we will consult with you about the specific details of your trade: the amount, the currency, and other pertinent information needed…Read more

How can I communicate with RockItCoin while trading?

Every crypto OTC client benefits from our high-touch, white-glove service at every step of the trading process. From the initial consultation, all the way through trade execution, your designated OTC manager and their team will keep you informed. Have questions or concerns part-way through the process? We’re available to respond to you with agility. We believe that reliable and transparent communication are the foundation for a successful, long-term relationship—one we hope to build with every client! At RockItCoin, we know that each person we work with will have specific requirements for how and when they prefer to be contacted. Our professional and intuitive team is ready to meet you where you are, without overstepping any boundaries you set for our…Read more

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