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RockItCoin Frequently Asked Questions

Tips, Advice, and Things To Look Out For

Throughout the sections of the FAQ, we provide answers and solutions to commonly encountered questions when using our machines. Here are some Tips and Advice to take note of before you get started:

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is not a company and we do not work for it.

  • Just like the internet, Bitcoin is not owned by anyone nor is anyone in charge of it. It is an open-sourced technology used to send value ($) digitally around the globe.

We are not in charge of your Bitcoin!

  • Once we send Bitcoin to the wallet provided at the ATM, there is no way for us to recover the Bitcoin. We provide the point of sale for Bitcoin and have absolutely no control or access to the wallets used by our customers.

To spend/send Bitcoin that you have purchased from our machines, you will need to do so from a digital wallet (one that is connected to the internet).

  • When you use our machines you will be given a choice to scan a wallet you already have or to print a new wallet. If you choose to print a new wallet, our ATM will give you a receipt for the transaction and a paper wallet containing 2 QR codes. It is very important to make sure this paper wallet is printed clearly so you can access your funds again. Avoid any damage to the paper wallet (water, heat, rips, or wrinkles) that can make your funds inaccessible! To send the Bitcoin from your Paper Wallet you will need to import the funds into a digital wallet, such as our RockItCoin application. You can learn more about how to import a Paper Wallet in this article.

Don’t just use any digital wallet that you find. Do your research!

  • RockItCoin’s digital wallet is a secure, convenient choice for many of our customers. You can download and create your own wallet by installing the RockItCoin app. You could also check out other wallets, there are hundreds of wallet services that offer ways to store and send your Bitcoin.  Choosing the right wallet is important and can prevent you from losing your coins.