How To Keep Your Bitcoin Safe

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Just like in real life, your wallet must be secured. You wouldn’t walk around with your entire life savings in cash in your pocket – would you? Fortunately, there are several ways to safely store your wallet. After you have visited one of our Bitcoin ATM locations in Atlanta, choose one of the wallet options to safely secure your Bitcoin.

Cold Storage Wallet

A cold storage wallet or offline wallet is primarily used for long-term storage and are only brought online when you need to get the funds from them. These wallets are typically printed out and kept in a secure location so you can access the wallet at a later time.

Beef Up Your Offline Storage

Keeping your wallet offline has its risks. Just like cash, if you lose your paper wallet it is gone forever. Consider using something more durable than paper, such as a laminated QR code or even a metal card. Make sure that are no markings or physical damage to the QR code that could make reading the inscribed keys or QR codes difficult.

Your Online Wallet

Lastly, there are online wallets. Choose an online wallet from a reputable company that you trust. This company is holding all of your Bitcoins. Here at RockItCoin, we have created a secure digital wallet that allows you to have access to your funds or transaction data from anywhere at anytime. The RockItCoin online wallet gives you the financial privacy and security to help you feel at ease. After visiting a Bitcoin ATM location in Atlanta download the RockItCoin wallet from the app store. The RockItCoin online wallet is simple and easy for anyone to use. To learn more about the benefits of the RockItCoin digital wallet click here.

Visit one of our Bitcoin ATM locations in Atlanta today to get started. Not sure if your Bitcoin is safe? Call today to talk to our team at (888) 70-BITCOIN.