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What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash

If you’ve heard of cryptocurrency, you’ve at least heard of Bitcoin (BTC). You may be less familiar with Bitcoin’s relative, Bitcoin Cash (BCH)—but there’s never been a better time to get acquainted! While Bitcoin cash is not represented with a unique currency symbol, it is sometimes referred to as Bcash.

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What is Bitcoin Cash?

As you might imagine, Bitcoin cash is very similar to Bitcoin—in fact, Bitcoin cash is based off of the original code that made the classic cryptocurrency famous. Bitcoin cash is a fork, or spin-off, of the original Bitcoin software. Forks are implemented as a way to independently continue development, adding or improving on it’s features and thereby creating a separate cryptocurrency.

How Bitcoin Cash Modified the Bitcoin Code

So, what were the developers of Bcash looking to change about classic Bitcoin? For starters, they believed that Bitcoin had some inherent flaws that would challenge its ability to scale as a currency. These problems included low transaction speed, due to Bitcoin’s limited block size and therefore limited amount of simultaneous transactions. As a result, Bcash was developed to process 32 MB blocks, compared to Bitcoin’s 1 MB.

Bitcoin cash can be bought, sold, and traded just like any other cryptocurrency. The main difference, in terms of experience, is the speed with which transactions are processed. Bitcoin cash also tends to have lower transaction fees compared to classic Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin, only 21 million Bitcoin cash will ever exist—each one painstakingly mined into existence using advanced computer equipment.

Where to Buy Bitcoin Cash

At RockItCoin, we make it easy to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin cash, along with numerous other cryptocurrencies. You can buy Bitcoin cash with a credit card on our website, or visit any RockItCoin ATM location to purchase Bitcoin cash in-person. Our locations have long hours to make sure that you can visit whenever is convenient to you. Please note, our ATMs are cash-only to protect your privacy.

Contact Us for Assistance

It’s our mission to make cryptocurrency accessible to anyone who wants to buy some. If you have any questions about purchasing Bitcoin cash online, setting up your RockItCoin wallet, or using one of our crypto ATMs – we’re standing by to help! Our customer service representatives are available to provide personal assistance to you via text, email, or phone call.