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Earn extra income

RockItCoin offers generous compensation when you host a RockItCoin ATM at your location. What business wouldn’t want extra revenue simply for hosting a machine? Machines take up roughly 18”x23” at each location, and you’ll receive monthly compensation as soon as the machine is installed.

Find more customers

Your business will gain more foot traffic solely based on the fact that RockItCoin's ATMs are posted to a wide variety of websites. RockItCoin customers will search for the nearest machine near them, pointing them to your ATM and ultimately increasing your business’ exposure.

Increase local interest

RockItCoin ATMs help increase Bitcoin adaptation in the community, encouraging others to start accepting Bitcoin for goods and services. In fact, some businesses start accepting Bitcoin themselves.

What do you have to lose? Zero risks and a high reward.

Ideal locations have high foot traffic and have long hours of operation; think 24-hour gas stations or convenience stores, but we also work with grocery and liquor stores as well. If you are interested in seeing if your location meets the requirements for hosting a RockItCoin ATM, submit your application today.

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    The Path to RockItCoin

    By replacing two square feet of space in its convenient stores – the space that previously sold newspapers – Breeze Thru Markets has found a guaranteed monthly revenue stream, plus new foot traffic.

    Founded by veterans of major convience store chains, Breeze Thru Markets currently operates almost two-dozen locations spread around North Carolina. Breeze Thru considers itself a startup in the convience store industry, and it aimed to create a nimble company that wasn't hindered by th typical structure of major, nationwide chain stores.