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Are You an Existing User?

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How to Use RockItCoin Go

On the “Buy” page in the RockItCoin App, choose “Buy at over 16,000 retail locations”. Read through the quick guide of how RockItCoin Go works to familiarize yourself with the process. Then, select “Get Started”. If this is your first time using RockItCoin Go, you will need to complete a short ID verification process. Don’t…Read more

How to Receive Cryptocurrency on the RockItCoin App

Receiving cryptocurrency on the RockItCoin application is as simple as finding your Receiving Wallet Address.  This is both a QR code and a Receiving Wallet Address shown as a long string of letters and numbers, and both can be used to receive funds. Step 1: Select “Receive” First, from your wallets screen, we select the…Read more

How to Send Cryptocurrency in the RockItCoin App

Step 1: Select “Send” Once you have your wallet funded, you can send to any other wallet you’d like directly from the application.  The first step to sending your cryptocurrency is selecting the bright orange “send” button located beneath the “Total balance” section of your Wallet’s page as shown below. STEP 2: Select the sending…Read more

How to Sweep a Paper Wallet on the RockItCoin App

Paper wallets are temporary wallets you can fund at the ATM itself.  These are printed on receipt paper and are a temporary place for your cryptocurrency before you can sweep it to your RockItCoin digital app. STEP 1: Open your Dropdown Menu From your wallets page, found by selecting “Wallets” along the bottom, you will…Read more

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