Crypto Zoology: Saving Lives with DOGE

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Cryptocurrency has changed countless lives around the globe and here in Chicago, it’s about to start saving lives. This week, PAWS Chicago began accepting cryptocurrency donations, or ‘dogenations’ as they like to call them. Through their website, you can now donate Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge to provide medical care to homeless pets and pets from families in need.

Founded in 1997, PAWS Chicago has grown into the largest No Kill animal shelter in the Midwest. And over the last 24 years, they’ve helped lower pet euthanasia rates by more than 91% in the city. In their tenure here, PAWS has facilitated nearly 70,000 adoptions. They’ve also performed almost 300,000 free or reduced-cost surgeries to spay/neuter pets.

The shelter pledges to use all crypto donations to provide medical services to cats and dogs throughout the Chicagoland area and in 13 states with notoriously high euthanasia rates. So if you’ve made some coin by investing in crypto, consider putting your gains to good use by donating to their cause. Doing so could quite literally save a life, or several.

The dogenation campaign comes from a pro-bono partnership with creative agency Leo Burnett. With the hopes of going viral, PAWS and Burnett decided to tap into the #LaserRayUntil100k meme that gained popularity during the crypto bull run in the beginning of the year.

These memes feature people (and now pets) with lasers shooting from their eyes to show support for a $100,000 valuation of Bitcoin. Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to explaining how laser eyes can more than double the demand for BTC, which will be necessary for the coin to hit the six-figure target.

That said, the laser-eyed pets are finding their way to hundreds of digital billboards across the Chicago area, where they’ll surely pique the interest of onlookers and passersby. Each of the ads will also include a QR code to bring you to PAWS crypto donation page. Thus, the campaign will support the pets of Chicago and the global crypto community simultaneously.

To make a donation, visit the PAWS Chicago website. If you need coins to do so, you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card here on our site or use cash at one of our many Bitcoin ATM locations.

Why Is Crypto Favored For Charity? The Power of Crypto

 How Cryptocurrencies Support Charities and Foster Community-driven Fundraising

In recent years, the world has witnessed the rise of cryptocurrencies as a groundbreaking financial innovation. Beyond their potential for investment and transactions, cryptocurrencies have also proven to be a powerful tool for supporting charitable causes. By leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized networks, crypto users have come together to raise funds and awareness for various charitable initiatives. 

Cryptocurrencies offer unique advantages as a fundraising tool for charities. They provide a secure, transparent, and immutable platform for transactions, using technology to reduce the risk of fraud or mismanagement. Blockchain technology ensures that all transactions are recorded on a public ledger, allowing donors to track their contributions and verify their allocation.

Eliminating middlemen and reducing costs plays a big role in the benefits of funding donations using cryptocurrencies. Traditional charitable donations often involve intermediaries and administrative costs that can eat into the actual amounts of funds that reach the intended cause. Crypto donations bypass these intermediaries, allowing donors to more directly support the cause. By design, crypto eliminates the need for third-party payment processors, reduces transaction fees, and ensures that more funds go towards the charitable projects.

Another significant advantage of cryptocurrencies is their ability to easily transcend borders and enable global participation. Crypto donations can be made from anywhere in the world, allowing individuals to contribute to causes they care about, regardless of their geographical location. This inclusivity fosters a sense of global community and allows charities to tap into a more extensive donor base.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, have emerged as a novel way to manage and allocate funds. These organizations function beautifully for charitable causes. DAOs are community-driven organizations governed by smart contracts, allowing members to collectively decide on how funds should be distributed. Crypto users can participate in DAOs, contributing their expertise, time, or funds to support specific projects or causes. Nonprofits and charitable organizations are increasingly accepting crypto donations, recognizing their potential to attract a new generation of donors.

Community-led fundraising campaigns have had huge fundraising success through the culture of crypto. Crypto users often come together to launch community-led fundraising campaigns using social media platforms and blockchain-based platforms. These campaigns harness the power of viral marketing and use crypto tokens or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to incentivize donations. The sense of community and a shared purpose within the crypto world amplifies the impact of these campaigns, resulting in increased awareness and more funds raised.

Beyond direct donations, crypto users are exploring innovative ways to support charitable initiatives. Impact investing, which involves investing in projects that generate both financial returns and social or environmental benefits, has gained traction within the crypto community too. Crypto users can invest in startups and projects aligned with their philanthropic goals, leveraging their resources and expertise to create a lasting impact.

Cryptocurrencies have opened up new avenues for supporting charitable causes and fostering community-driven fundraising efforts. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, coupled with the transparency of blockchain technology, has made it easier for individuals to contribute to causes they care about while bypassing traditional barriers. The crypto community’s ability to mobilize and unite around a shared purpose has propelled charitable initiatives to new heights, amplifying the impact of donations while generating global awareness for good causes. As cryptocurrencies continue to evolve, the potential to support charities and drive positive change remains an exciting and promising prospect.