Complete Guide To Cash Out Bitcoin At A RockItCoin ATM

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Selling Bitcoin at a RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM is easy! If you are ready to sell your crypto assets, cashing out at an ATM is accessible and quick. Every transaction at a RockItCoin ATM is cash based, and learning how to retrieve cash from a RockItCoin ATM is simple. To sell your cryptocurrency at an ATM, there are a few things you need to know. 

When selling bitcoin, you can withdraw the funds as cash. 

Withdrawing your funds as cash offers the most privacy, as your transactions and assets cannot be traced by third party banking systems. 

RockItCoin ATMs now sit in over 1600 locations across the USA, and more are being added all of the time. Many of these locations have the option to make withdrawals. If you are ready to sell your bitcoin, then grab your phone or digital wallet and head to a RockItCoin bitcoin ATM that has the option to make withdrawals near you. 

Everything You Need To Cash Out

To sell bitcoin at a RockItCoin bitcoin ATM, you will need to create a profile at the ATM and have access to your digital wallet. 

Note: it will streamline the process if you sign up for a RockItCoin profile beforehand. 

Verify Your Identity With Your Phone Number or PIN

If you are a new customer, you need to provide your phone number to sell your cryptocurrency and withdraw cash from a bitcoin ATM. If you are a returning customer, the first step to withdrawing cash from a RockItCoin ATM is selecting “Withdraw Cash” on the home screen and entering the amount you want to withdraw. You will then input your phone number. 

When withdrawing cash by selling cryptocurrency at a Bitcoin ATM, your personal identification needs to be verified. If you make an profile with RockItCoin in advance, this is a quick and easy process, but there are step by step options for new RockItCoin ATM users as well. Either way, the machine will confirm your identity and open your digital wallet. This is the first step to selling the bitcoin you own. 

Once your identity is verified, you will select the type of cryptocurrency that you want to sell, then select the amount of cash you want to withdraw. 

Your Phone or Digital Wallet

To complete the next step, you need your cell phone or digital wallet. The Bitcoin ATM screen will provide you with a unique QR code to scan. When transferring cryptocurrencies, you need to know the address the currency is being sent to and the amount being sent. By scanning the QR code to the digital wallet, you will be able to send your cryptocurrency to the wallet address associated with that code.

After you scan the QR code, it will prefill your digital wallet with the wallet address you need to send your crypto to as well as the exact amount needed to fund your withdrawal request. Any discrepancy in the amount could lead to an insufficient request, or a lack of proper funding could lead to your withdrawal request being annulled.

Once you have scanned the QR code on the ATM screen and sent the cryptocurrency through your RockItCoin app or digital wallet, your transaction will be processed on the blockchain. As soon as your cryptocurrency has been processed, you will get an alert to collect your cash withdrawal. This confirmation process typically takes about 15 minutes. 

Receiving Your Cash Quickly

Because bitcoin ATMs are unable to provide your cash instantly, some users have questions about the confirmation process each transaction goes through before receiving your cash withdrawal. You should know that each transaction goes through a mining process, so a little bit of time is necessary before your transaction is secured and your cash is available. In the time between the sale and the cash withdrawal, your transaction is being mined just like any other cryptocurrency transaction. 

To ensure that users receive the cash as quickly as possible, we recommend that customers select a high-mining fee for their crypto transfer. Selecting a high mining fee makes the withdrawal a high priority on the blockchain. We have designed our machines to work as quickly as possible with our RockItCoin digital wallet. Combining high priority mining fees and efficient digital wallets makes the user experience and cash withdrawal transactions a breeze. 

Depending on whether the traffic on the blockchain is heavy or light, it could take 5 to 30 minutes to receive the alert that your transaction has been confirmed, but most bitcoin ATM users will get an alert that their cash is ready within 15 minutes.

Why Is There A Delay After The Sale and Before Cash Is Available? 

Because every cryptocurrency transaction needs to be confirmed before entering the blockchain, the time between selling your cryptocurrency and receiving your cash can vary.

Once a transaction is mined and entered into the block, it is dispersed to a network of nodes. By dispersing the data, each transaction is protected: if one node has different records than the rest of the network, then that one node can be singled out and corrected to match the permanent, chronological, and public records on the blockchain. 

In short, miners verify transactions and add them to blocks on the blockchain. When sending and receiving money using a bitcoin ATM your transaction needs to be verified by a miner, just like any other crypto transaction would. This process takes time, so crypto users are not able to immediately receive cash. Still, this process does not take long! Customers who select high-priority mining fees drive incentive for miners to work on their transaction’s mining job first. 

Here’s a breakdown of how high-priority mining fees help the efficiency of each transaction. 

High Priority Mining Fees

High priority mining fees mean that regardless of how heavy the traffic is on the blockchain, RockItCoin will work to increase the incentive for miners to mine your bitcoin, process the transaction on the blockchain, and confirm the transaction in a timely manner. Mining is one way to make money through cryptocurrencies. With increased mining fees and a greater payout for miners, your transaction will enter the blockchain quickly. Ultimately, you can receive your cash as fast as possible without sacrificing the security of your transactions. 

Another way to increase the speed at which you are able to receive cash when selling bitcoin through a RockItCoin ATM is by using a RockItCoin digital wallet. Some digital wallets are less compatible with bitcoin ATMs than others. By using RockItCoin‘s wallet along with a RockItCoin machine, you can ensure that the confirmation process is as efficient as possible. 

Now that you know how to withdraw cash at a RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM, you need to learn how to find a Bitcoin ATM near you. 

How To Find A RockItCoin ATM Near Me

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies using bitcoin ATMs is easy, and with over 1,600 locations across the USA, RockItCoin Bitcoin ATMs are easy to find. To find the RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM that is closest to you, you can search this RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM map. You can also browse RockItCoin’s bitcoin ATM locations by state or by city.

How To Find A RockItCoin ATM Based On Available Services 

All RockItCoin ATMs operate through cash transactions, but not all Bitcoin ATMs offer cash withdrawals. By working with RockItCoin ATMs you can ensure that the Bitcoin ATM is capable of a cash withdrawal. If you want to withdraw cash in exchange for cryptocurrency, you need to find an ATM that services your needs and supports the type of cryptocurrency you wish to sell. No matter where you are traveling across the US, you have a great chance of finding a RockItCoin bitcoin ATM nearby. 

Some RockItCoin bitcoin ATMs are capable of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Others only offer buying services. You can narrow your search for a bitcoin ATM by finding machines that offer both buying and selling capabilities. 

Cashing out bitcoin is easier than ever, and with new bitcoin ATM locations arriving all of the time, people using cryptocurrency can predict an increased ability to keep up with the fast-paced market in the future. Cashing out on your bitcoin is quickly becoming more accessible. It is well known that the market shifts quickly and with the opportunity to cash out just down the street, you may be able to sell your bitcoin at the perfect moment with minimal stress and trusted privacy. 

If you are looking for a safe, efficient, and simple way to sell your bitcoin and cash out, then look no further than a RockItCoin bitcoin ATM. With so many locations, you will likely be able to find one near you. 

Whether you are looking to sell quickly on a trip and out of town or researching to find a bitcoin ATM in your local area, you can start by narrowing the search for RockItCoin ATM locations that allow sales. Scout a location that suits your needs and start cashing out on your cryptocurrency. 

Remember, opening an profile with RockItCoin before you get to a RockItCoin bitcoin ATM will make the process more efficient. 

Find the RockItCoin bitcoin ATM closest to you and download the RockItCoin app to your phone to conveniently cash out as soon as the value of your bitcoin is ready to sell.