Benefits of Using Bitcoin ATMs for Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies

Choosing the Right Bitcoin ATM: Security Features in Bitcoin ATMs & What to Look For

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As Bitcoin ATMs have become more and more popular, it is important to know what security features to look for to be sure you are choosing the best machine. Security features in Bitcoin ATMs vary. In this article, we will talk about some of RockItCoin’s security features, including the custody of your private keys, data required for your transactions, offline storage for your wallet, and a simple customer experience. RockItCoin goes to great lengths to protect your privacy. As the most trusted name in Bitcoin ATMs, you can be confident in our machines. 

RockItCoin Wallets Are Special

To use an ATM, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet. RockItCoin’s digital wallet app is special because it never stores your private keys. Instead, customers have complete custody over their keys and funds. Other platforms, wallets, and apps can store your private keys, which is a risk for several reasons: 

  • If the app, platform, or exchange is hacked, access to your wallet is breached and funds are vulnerable to theft.
  • Private keys that are not exclusively in your control are at risk any time the site crashes, goes offline, changes its terms of service or privacy policy, or if the platform terminates your account. 

The ability to maintain full custody of your private keys is a great factor to consider when it comes to the security of RockItCoin’s Bitcoin ATMs. 

Paper Wallets Are An Option

Another bonus feature that our machines offer is paper wallets. Using our kiosks, customers can print their keys on paper to store their keys offline. A paper key allows users to have complete ownership of their keys, with zero need for online storage. Paper wallets cannot be hacked, making them extremely useful for key storage. Always make sure that you do not share your private key with anyone. 

Our Machines Are Easy To Use

Another security feature to consider is the customer experience designed to make RockItCoin’s machines user-friendly and secure. Some machines require users to input private and public key information, but since these keys consist of long alpha-numeric strings of characters, it can be easy to mess up the information. One wrong button would result in the funds being sent to the wrong address. To avoid this, RockItCoin ATMs use QR codes on the kiosk screen and on the RockItCoin app to ensure accuracy. 

As you choose which Bitcoin ATM you want to use, the security features in place should play a role in your decision. RockItCoin is proud to be the most trusted name in Bitcoin ATMs, and the security measures in place at our machines emphasize a simple user experience so that any customer can walk away from their transaction feeling confident. Whether you are buying or selling crypto at a RockItCoin ATM, your privacy is our priority. 

Our system will never store or duplicate your keys: instead, customers have full custody of their private keys. Transactions do not require banking information: instead, the machine will only need your cash, phone number, and valid ID. Paper wallets can be printed at the machine to give users the chance to carry their keys in their hands, and the simple transaction process leaves little room for user error. If you want to use the most secure Bitcoin ATM possible, use RockItCoin’s ATM locator to find a kiosk near you!

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