Bitcoin Selling Fees at ATMs: Exploring the Costs

Bitcoin Selling Fees at ATMs: Exploring the Costs

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When selling bitcoin at a crypto ATM, users will pay small fees to fund the transactions. RockItCoin is proud to provide transparent pricing in every transaction. The conversion rates, spread, and fees will be clear to any seller using a RockItCoin ATM to withdraw cash. 

If you are exploring the costs associated with Bitcoin selling fees at an ATM, this page is a good place to start. Let’s talk about the factors that make fees necessary. 

Transaction Fees: Incentives For Miners

One reason that transaction fees are in place is to incentivize miners. To confirm your transaction quickly, an ATM offers incentives to miners who are working to add your sale to the blockchain. Transactions with high payouts are prioritized by miners looking to make a profit. 

Our transactions are processed quickly which is super important for the security of your transactions!

Conversion Fees: Converting Your Crypto Into Cash 

Since the crypto market is always changing, the price of your Bitcoin fluctuates. When our machines convert your Bitcoin into cash for a sale, there are multiple factors in account deciding what your coins are worth. ***We add a margin or spread over the real-time market rate sourced from a reliable third-party crypto exchange. While the exact spread might vary due to various factors like location or market conditions, the all-inclusive price is always clearly visible on our kiosk screens. This ensures that our customers are never in the dark about the rates they receive.

Operational Fee

Fees are also in place to support operational costs. To keep our machines running safely and to make sure locations are convenient for our customers, we must conduct maintenance. One of the biggest benefits of selling crypto at an ATM is the convenience. 

To make our machines convenient and speedy, we pride ourselves in their maintenance. 

What To Expect: RockItCoin’s Fee Structure

Fees will vary, depending on the type of coin you want to use in your transaction. Our machines will charge $1.00 for all Bitcoin (BTC) transactions, $1.00 for all Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transactions, $1.00 for all Litecoin transactions, and $2.00 for all Ethereum (ETH) transactions.

While Bitcoin ATMs require fees, the benefits (like strong security, great privacy, convenient usage, and quick transaction times) will provide an experience that does not compare to online exchanges or other platforms. To find a RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM near you, you can use our location finder. With over 2000 locations, our machines are easy to find and simple to use. Start selling your crypto for cash with a simple, transparent pricing structure at a RockItCoin ATM near you!

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