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Bitcoin ATMs In Chicago

RockItCoin Installs New Bitcoin ATM In Chicago

Keeping its promise to install more Bitcoin ATM machines in Chicago, RockItCoin, a Bitcoin company, has announced that it has recently installed a 2-way Bitcoin ATM at Burnham Liquors, 838 South Wabash.

“Visit RockItCoin’s newest 2way Bitcoin ATM located at Burnham Liquors, 838 South Wabash. This is our 9th location, more to come!!! Get your coin from RockItCoin! www.rockitcoin.com”, the company said on Reddit.

In January, RockItCoin installed four additional Bitcoin ATMs in the Chicago area, which raised the total to 24. These ATMs are located at the Food N’ Fuel petrol station in Frankfort, at Lenny’s Gas N’ Go in Kankakee, in Flanagan’s Bar and Grill in North Chicago and in Sherry’s Food Mart in Chicago.

Coinfox reports that the new ATM has been installed in the central business district called “the Loop”. It is the first ATM the company installed in the very city centre of Chicago.

As of January, a very high fee of around 12% was charged by the company and RockItCoin CEO Michael Dalesandro told CoinTelegraph that the fees will lowered eventually.

“As with any early adoption technology, costs tends to start on the high side, but demand will drive the cost and the liquidity down over time”, he said.