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RockItCoin Acquires Tao Bitcoin

RockItCoin Acquires Tao Bitcoin

Chicago, Oct. 25, 2022 – RockItCoin, one of the nation’s largest Bitcoin ATM operators with over 1,800 machines across 44 states, today announced its acquisition of Tao Bitcoin, a regional Bitcoin ATM operator with 56 machines primarily in the south. 

“This acquisition is part of our overall strategy to find value and synergies among the many smaller and more regional players in this space,” RockItCoin CEO and founder Michael Dalesandro explained. “Tao Bitcoin created a solid network of ATMs and locations we are excited to include in our portfolio.” 

Tao Bitcoin was founded in 2016 by John Taylor and Andrew Arterburn. “We are proud of the company we started from scratch to offer consumers easy access to cryptocurrency,” said Taylor. “I believe in the future of crypto, and after considering several offers for Tao decided RockItCoin had the vision and values closely aligned with our own.” 

Consolidation in the Bitcoin ATM space will accelerate in the coming months, predicted Ben Phillips, president of RockItCoin. “RockItCoin is in a unique position to capitalize on the many economies of scale it has,” explained Phillips. “Where costs are increasing for many of the regional players, our existing networks, relationships, and operations are poised for scalability.” 

Dalesandro said the company anticipates additional acquisitions in the fourth quarter of 2022. “We are constantly on the lookout for ways to expand our footprint while continuing to serve our customers with convenient physical locations where they can safely and efficiently buy and sell cryptocurrency.” 

The former Tao Bitcoin ATMs will be rebranded as RockItCoin locations in the coming weeks, said Phillips. “RockItCoin is excited to introduce the former Tao Bitcoin customers into our ecosystem.” 

The RockItCoin ecosystem includes in person, online, and OTC transactions, along with a mobile app (available for iOS and Android) and non-custodial wallet offerings, according to Phillips. “RockItCoin provides many avenues for customers to obtain and be in control of their crypto.” 

“Our goal has always been to bring cryptocurrency to the masses and be at the forefront of crypto’s expansion and acceptance,” added Dalesandro. “We aim to be a leader in this space.”

About RockItCoin: 

Founded in 2015 by Michael Dalesandro, RockItCoin is a crypto blockchain company based in Chicago, IL. RockItCoin has a nationwide network of crypto ATMs with over 1,800 locations in 44 States providing consumers with the safest and fastest way to buy or sell Bitcoins. For more information, please visit https://www.rockitcoin.com and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn