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RockItCoin Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sweep a Paper Wallet on the RockItCoin App

Paper wallets are temporary wallets you can fund at the ATM itself.  These are printed on receipt paper and are a temporary place for your cryptocurrency before you can sweep it to your RockItCoin digital app.

STEP 1: Open your Dropdown Menu

From your wallets page, found by selecting “Wallets” along the bottom, you will see three horizontal lines in the top-right hand corner, indicated in red below.  Select these lines to open your Dropdown Menu.

STEP 2: Select “Sweep Paper Wallet”

From your open Dropdown Menu, select the “Sweep paper wallet” option, indicated in red below.

STEP 3: Select the Receiving Wallet

After selecting “Sweep paper wallet” you will be taken to the page shown below.  This page is asking you to define which wallet you would like to sweep your funds in to; this is as simple as selecting the same wallet for the currency you purchased.

STEP 4: Scan The Private Key

After selecting then wallet, the page will look a little different adding in the section “Paper wallet private address” below your selected wallet.  This is the bar where you type in the the Private Key’s address.  If you wish to scan the QR code instead, select the small symbol in the text bar highlighted in red below.  This will open a camera and allow you to scan the bottom Private Key on your paper wallet instead of having to type in the address.

STEP 5: “Sweep My Funds”

Scanning the code can happen quickly!  It will, almost immediately, take you to the page shown below asking to confirm your sweep of the funds.  Selecting the “Sweep my funds” button in blue will complete your sweeping process.

Congratulations!  You have successfully swept your paper wallet.