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Frequently Asked Questions

paper wallet can be printed at a RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM by selecting “create a new wallet” as an alternative to scanning the QR code from your digital wallet to the ATM.  Be careful with the paper wallet since it holds all the funds sent to that Litecoin address.  Litecoin transactions are irreversible so if a paper wallet is lost, damaged or destroyed the funds are LOST FOREVER !!!

Moving Litecoin from the QR code on the receipt to your digital wallet

If you don’t already have a wallet we recommend downloading the Jaxx wallet for iphone or Android.  It’s free and fast! Be sure to back up your digital wallet!

Select the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner:

Select Tools:

Select Transfer Paper Wallet:

Then select Transfer LTC Paper Wallet:

Scan your private key by selecting the camera icon next to the input field.

After you scan the private key, select NEXT from the bottom right hand corner.

A confirmation screen will tell you what the balance is for the wallet you are trying to swipe and will ask for your confirmation.

If everything looks correct, select TRANSFER TO JAXX to complete the process.